Arena Points Calculator

Arena Points = Conquest Points

For those that don't know, with the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, arena points have been replaced by Conquest Points. The good news is that Conquest Points are rewarded for each victory. The bad news is that Conquest Points have a weakly cap that can be reached after 5 wins (not matches), and to raise the cap limit, which applies only for the next weak, you'll need to increase your personal rating. Everyone starts at 0 personal rating with a weekly cap of 1,343. Here are some sample ratings and corresponding point caps:

 Rating Weekly Points Cap
 1500 1343
 1800 1940
 2100 2533
 2400 2849
 2700 2964
 3000 3000


Conquest points can be earned from:

  • Winning Arena matches;
  • Winning Rated Battlegrounds;
  • Winning the first Random Battleground game of the day;

Each time your team wins a Rated Arena or Rated Battleground match, you're awarded a certain number of Conquest Points; no points are awarded for losing, however. Only your best personal rating counts towards increasing you're cap.

Note*: Conquest Point's do not have an overall cap - unlike Honor Points.

Note**: The weakly cap for Conquest Points is reset back to 1343 if you haven't competed the previews weak.