This version was updated in 18 December 2011.  Supports: 4.3

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 Unit frames for your arena opponents, plus more.

Frames can display the following, each of which can be toggled on or off:

    * Debuffs and buffs
    * Unit target
    * Party target indicators
    * Cast bars
    * Target distance indicator
    * Trinket cooldown status indicator
    * Diminishing returns indicator

Additional functionality include an elaborate alert system, completely customizable button click functionality, and buff/debuff filters.

Alerts can display a message on screen in large letters and/or play a sound when specific events occur. Custom sound files can be placed in the addon's Custom folder to play any sound of your choosing. Some alerts have a speech option which will play pre-recorded voices instead of a sound effect, which will state the unit class and CC spell cast rather than a blanket sound effect for every class/spell. Alerts can also be configured to ignore specified classes/spells so they trigger only when you wish them to.

arena unit frames