This version was updated in 23 Nov 2009.

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DR_Tracker (Diminishing Returns Tracker) Shows time left until diminishing returns on enemy/friendly/yourself, as well as how far the spell is diminished. Shows the next diminish, so for example when a Cyclone first fades from a player it'll show 50%, once the 2nd one is casted within 15 seconds of the first one fading it'll show 25%.

You can now track enemy, friendly and your own diminishing returns (and filter which of each you want to see), including on NPCs.

Essentially how the different tracking categories work:

Enemies: You cast fear on the enemy and an entry appears under DR (When the fear ends of course). A symbol representing the type of DR will appear along with the enemy name with a 50% (cause it was the first fear), and a timer. This means that the next fear on that enemy player will last 50% of the duration on the next cast. Then it goes to 25%, then 0%. Then you just watch the timer. When it expires that means you can fear the person again.

Self: Basically the same thing. But when you get feared it brings up all this information about you so you know if you can be feared, sheeped, blinded, etc.

Friends: Same as self, but on friendly players

Slash command: /drtracker