PVP Guild Achivements in WoW Cataclysm

So far Blizzard has revealed few informations on the PVP Guild Achievemnts in WoW Cataclysm but has uncovered some mind-blowing news about Guild Achivements.

Guild Achievements

    - Earn achievements as a guild
    - Minimum ratio of guild members required to complete
    - We'll be providing access to guild member profession info. You can look right into guild member's profession books.
    - New UI will let you invite other guilds to events. This will be great for pug raids.
    - New Achievements
       o  Become a Grand Master in all proffesions
       o  Complete a Legendary item


Players earn guild experience in a variety of ways, including:
   -  Levels  
         o  You can level your guild up through 20 levels of guild leveling.
   -  Reputation ranks
   -  Boss kills
         o  To get credit for a boss kill, you need to have 75% of the people in the group be from your guild to earn leveling experience for your guild.
   -  Rated Battlegrounds wins / Arena wins
   -  Proffesion Ranks
         o  You will be able to look at other guild member's profession books

   -  Each Level grants a talent point that can be spent in a guild talent tree
   -  Talent tree affects the entire guild
        o  Guild talents will be like mass resurrection and reduced repair costs.
        o  Everybody's friend: Removes the reagent requirement for raid wide buff spells
        o  Cash flow: increases: the gold drop rate by 7% for all kills from creatures or players that reward experience or honor.
        o  Summon your entire raid instantly.
   - These guild talents will be retalentable. You can respec your guild.


   - Top 20 earners per day contribute to guild experience total
   - Guild experience is converted into guild currency
   - Guild currency can be used to buy a wide variety of rewards
        o  Guild profession plan & reagents
        o  Vanity items (mounts, tabards etc.)
   -  Purchase plans using guild currency
        o  Entire guild has acces to plans via a vendor & skill trainer
        o  If the person who buys the plans leaves the guild, they don't get to take the recipe with them


   -  Create guild Heirlooms
        o  Heirlooms will be bound to the guild. If you leave the guild, the bound item will be automatically be returned to the guild bank. No more people leaving the guild and taking amazing items.
        o   Scale with level

   -  Create guild versions of items that require less/new reagents
        o  New reagents are bought from guild vendor via guild currency
        o  Instead of using a frost lotus, you can buy a reagent and use that instead
   -  Guild bonus - % of gold looted on bosses goes directly to guild bank