Tol Barad Island - New Battleground in WoW Cataclysm

Tol Barad Island will likely be in the south of Hillsbard in Cataclysm, but the location can change
Tol Barad Island will be Wintergrasp and Isle of Quel’Danas rolled into one.
   -   It will be like Wintergrasp when the battle is active

  • Only a certain number of players will be able to be there during the battle.
  • Tol Barad will require players to capture control points, and what ever side captures all the control points wins Tol Barad
  • While the battle isn't active, you'll get access to an instance, just like in Wintergrasp
  • The winning team will have access to a couple of bonus daily quests. But everyone will have access to the standard dailies there.

-    It will be like Isle of Quel’Danas off-battle

Of course just like Wintergrasp, Tol Barad will give marks of honor on which you will be able to buy unique things.



Tol Barad is a ravaged island kingdom between Hasic and the shores of Khaz Modan. It is in Baradin Bay. During the Second War, it was an island citadel of Stromgarde. The island was also the site of a fierce battle between the Horde and Alliance. The Horde, having already conquered most of the dwarven lands, were preparing to strike out into the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. At the time, the island was being used as a staging point to strike back at orc raiders. In response, Orgrim Doomhammer launched an invasion of the island. Overwhelmed early in the war by the orcs, no life more complex than a few hardy weeds and insects survived the Horde's bloody victory. An aura of death seemed to radiate from the island, and the original fortress was razed to the ground. Tol Barad became a frightening symbol of the Horde's merciless tenacity and barbarity.

Years later, after the Second War, the island nation of Kul Tiras claimed the former stronghold and established a prison over the ruins of the old fortress. The site of many historic battles in the Second War, Tol Barad is now home to a magic prison. Wizards from both Dalaran and Stormwind oversee the complex, and prisoners include enemy mages, lesser and greater demons, warlocks, and undead war criminals. The wizards do not allow anyone near the island and keep the prison’s existence secret.