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 Arena Season 7 has finaly begun

  • Beginning with season 7, players will no longer have access to the newest season's weapons or shoulder armor and will not qualify for the Gladiator title/rewards with ratings from the 2v2 bracket alone. Ratings obtained through 3v3 and 5v5 game play will be required for these rewards, while the rest of the newest season's items will remain available to players in all brackets (standard rating restrictions still apply).
  • Dalaran Sewers
    • The entire Arena has increased in size by 25%.
    • Mounts can now be used in this Arena.
    • The position and collision of the crates on the central platform has been modified.
  • Ring of Valor
    • The flame wall has been removed.
  • Ruins of Lordaeron
    • Alcoves have been removed from the starting chambers.
    • The collision around the central tomb has been smoothed out to prevent players from becoming stuck on the terrain as often.

Also, you can buy the Furious Gladiator armor sets from the past season with the Emblems of Triumph dropped in the new raid instance and rewarded through the heroic dungeon daily quest.

Arena Title Issue

Quote from: Nethaera (Source)
During the process of awarding the titles for Arena Season 6, we encountered an issue where characters who earned the titles in previous seasons, but did not earn them in season 6, received them again along with the corresponding achievements. We have found the cause of this and will be removing the unearned titles and achievements during the next regularly scheduled maintenance.


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