Wow Arena Seasons

Each one of the wow arena seasons lasts several months, and at the end of a season, the top ranked teams are rewarded with unique prizes, you can check them up at the arena rewards page. Among them you can find special mounts, titles, or anything else the season's promoters deem worthy of the best gladiators at the end of arena season. The prices are handed to the players when the arena season ends, based on their rating. In this section you can find general information about all arena seasons.

What is the arena seasons length:

How long is an arena season? The seasons don't actually last for a specific length. Blizzard official said the following about the arenas season length: they intend to have them last for about three months, but that's a loose guideline. The arena season dates are are being announced a few weeks before the start. Many players don`t know what exactly an arena season end means. Read forward to get a clear understanding.

Whad you must know about an arena season end:

When the arena season ends, the arena points remain the same. This a very important questions that many players can`t answer clearly. At the end of an arena season new items may be introduced, but they may not, "depending on progression on the PvE front as well as what PvE content is available." Blizzard officials don't want to form a big gap between PvE and PvP gear. The Blizzard officials said that the purpose of the arena season is to hand out the titles and armored nether drakes that go with being in the top 0.5% in your battlegroup.

If you're interested in one of the four arena seasons below click on it's name:

Arena Rewards are the epic quality armor sets and weapons that can be purchased using arena points accumulated in the Arena System. With the onset of a new season, the previous rewards will be available for a 15% discount, while the predecessor to that set will be available for purchase with honor and battleground tokens. For example, with Arena Season 3 , Arena Season 2 armor will be discounted 15%, while Arena Season 1 gear will be a battleground reward. The same for Arena Season 4 , Arena Season 3 armor will be discontinued 15%, while Arena Season 2 gear will be a battleground reward.