Wow PVP 

PvP is a acronym for Player-vs-Player

Player-versus-Player is the competitve side of world of warcraft, its where the players show loyalty in fighting the oposite faction.

You can fight for one of the factions of World of Warcraft, the Alliance or the Horde, on specialy aranged maps whit special objectives.

The reward for defeating an enemy player in combat is instant honor reward. Honor is the curancy required to to buy PvP items.

Battle Quarter Masters. Honor is no more sumited to diminishing returns.

World Map

On the world map there are teritories (mainly on pvp servers) neutral to factions where you are flaged as PvP when entering and opend to atacks from any oposite faction player. The Capital and teritories of your factions between the level 1-20 are friendly teritories and if you spend alteast 5 min of non-pvp actions you will lose the PvP flag and will be safe from any enemy atacks. Atacking on oposite faction player even on friendly teritory will mark you ass PvP.

In the higest level regions on the world we can find special objectives like defending towers - in Easter plaque Land, Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmash, Terrokar Forest - assault - in Nagrand on Halla - colecting resurces - in Silithus. Here you can gather as many players as you can and try to defeat as many oposite players as you can to dominate the map.

The capitals of each faction has one or several leaders, bosses that reward honore for slaying.


Allience side:


Iron Forge - Dwarf capital/Gnome Capital

Stormwind - Human capital

Darnassus - Night Elf capital

Exodar - Drainei Capital


Horde Side:


Oggrimar - Orc Capital/Troll Capital

Undercity - Undead Capital

Thunderbluff - Tauren Capital

Silvermoore - Blood Elf Capital


Battle Grounds


Special designed maps, also knowed as Battle Grounds were created for on-demand PvP encounters. This maps were created whit special objectives in mind,  like: capture the flag, dominate and kill the enemy leader. This maps requiere team effort to win. The objective of defeationg as many enemy player as you can falls in second place as a priority to the objective of winning that battle ground. Teamwork is the first and the most important. There are 4 battle grounds total in World of Warcraft.


Death in Battle Grounds


When you are defetead in battle grounds you are ported to the battle grounds graveyard whitch is different from the world map one in the sense you don't have to walk back to your corpse but you are resurected by a spirit guide back whit full health and mana each 30 seconds. After death, the defetead player drops on ground a token witch can be picked up by the wining player to force the other to release at a graveyard. If the token is not removed you can walk back to your corpse and resurect there. If you walk back to the corpse your will come to life with only half of your health and mana and might have to wait more then 30seconds after more then two deaths.


Alterac Valley


This battle ground was the first battle ground inserted in the game, it can be played with a PvE (Player-versus-Environment) feeling. You whould gain honor for slaying different elite NPC of the oposite factions, they where more then 2 at the start but after many redesigns the number was decreased to reduce time spend in this battle ground.

Requierd level 50+

Conflict Races: Dwarfs and Orcs.

Maximum Players: 40

Joining As Party - only a party of 5 players can be joined.


Victory Objectives:


At the start of each battle both sides start whit 600 reinforcements, the faction that loses all there resorces lose the battle.

There are more then one way to lose reinforcements:


* Each players defeat costs 1 reinforcement.

* Killing the General will make the oposite side lose all there reinforcements ending the battle and granting you whit 4kill honor.


Frostwolf General Drek'Thar - Horde side

Stormpike Genral Vanndar - Alliance side


 Each General is guarded by Marshals/Warmasters that are assigned to each tower on the map, losing the tower will make the Marshals/Warmasters leave the battle ground. Warmasters and Marshalls now increase each other's maximum health and maximum damage by 25%. This is a stacking buff.


Other Objectives:


* Killing Captains will make the oposite faction lose 100 reinforcements and grant you whit 3kills honore on the spot.


    Alliance Captain - Balinda Stonehearth

    Horde Captain - Galvangar


* Destroying a enemy tower will make them lose 75 reinforcements and grant you with 3kills honore for each tower on the spot.


**Each kill yields ~20.9 honor in the 61-70 bracket and ~14.1 honor in the 51-60 bracket.

**Detroying a tower or capturing a graveyard is as easy as opening the flag and defending it while the flag is in conflict, meaning that oposit players can retake the flag. Towers will be destroyed and Graveyard captured after 4 minutes of beeing in conflict.


Objectives that don't grant honor:


* Capturing a Graveyard will help you get closer to you vicotory objective but will not grant honore, so taking and defending only needed graveyards is recommanded. Players will only respawn at the starting tunnel graveyard if their team controls no other graveyards.

* Capturing a Mine will not grand honore points, capturing it will only help you stay longer in the fight. Controlling a mine now grants one reinforcement every 45 seconds, or 2 reinforcements every 45 seconds if you control both, up to a maximum of 600.

* Killing Marshals/Warmasters

* Killing Vendors/Quest Givers

* Killing guards at graveyards.


At the end:


* For each tower you defended (meaning the towers on your side that are still standing and not in conflict) will award you whit 2kills honore each.

* For each captain at the end of the fight still alive you will be awarded whit 2kills honore.

* For every Wing Commanders escorted home safely will award 1kill honore.

* The wining team gets tree mark of honore to each player.

* The losing team gets one mark of honore to each player.




Warsong Gulch


Requierd Level: 10+

Conflict Races: Night Elfs and Orcs.

Maximum Players: 10

Joining As Group - a raid of 10 people can join the que.


Victory Objectives:


Bringing your enemies flag from there base and place it over your own in your base. The game ends when you capture the flag for tree times.


Capturing a flag:


To capture a flag both have to be in the same flag spot at the same time, if your enemy has your flag you can't score.

Killing the flag carrier will drop the flag on the ground.

 * Ally players can pick the flag if droped and keep runing.

 * If an oposing player will click it then the flag will be ported back to its spot in there base.

If players drop the flag they will get a debuff that will stop them to pick it up again for 3 seconds.

Players will drop the flag if they will try to stealth, use invulnerability (mage - ice block, paladin - divine shield), or try to mount.

Player can shapeshift when carring the flag (druid - all forms, shaman - ghost wolf)

Flags take 20 second to respawn after a capture.

When both flags are held, the flag carriers will receive 50% increased damage done to them after approximately 10 minutes and 100% increased damage after approximately 15 minutes.


Honore Gains:


For capturing the oposing flag eveyone in your team will be rewarded whit 41 honor at level 70.

Wining the match will reward your team whit bonus 20 honore at level 70 and 3 marks of honor.

Losing the match will give no bonus honor and 1 mark of honor. The only honor you will accumulate will come from honorable kills.




On the battle map there are places that hold power ups that can be picked up from anyone. To pick it up just walk over them. They respawn after a short period of time.


Berserking - Increases all damage caused by 30%, all damage taken by 10% and increases your size by 10%. Lasts 1 min.


   * this power up can be picked up from the left hut just outside the base on both sides of the map in the direction your going for the enemy flag.


Restoration - Restores 10% of your health and mana every second for 10 seconds. Attacking or being attacked will cancel the effect.


   * this power-up can be picked up from the right hut just outside the base on both sides of the map in the direction your going for the enemy flag.


Speed - Increases movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds.


   * this power-up can be picked up from inside the tunnels in both bases.


Arathi Basin


Requierd Level: 20+

Conflict Races: Human and Undead

Maximum Players: 15

Joining As Group - a raid of 15 people can join the que.


Victory Objective:


Control the majority of the bases in Arathi Basin to increase your resorces income. The first team to reach 2000 resources wins the match.


There are 5 bases in Arathi Basin strategicaly positioned whit advantages and desavantages.


From West to the East on the map:


* Stabels - aka ST

* Gold Mine - aka GM (north side of the map)

* Blacksmith - aka BS (central base)

* Lumber Mill - aka LM (south on the map)

* Farm


There is no difference between the bases when it comes to the resorces gain from them, only the postion may be considered so you can defend them faster.


If you have 1 base you will gain 10 resorces every 12seconds.

If you have 2 bases you will gain 10 resorces every 9seconds.

If you have 3 bases you will gain 10 resorces every 6 seconds.

If you have 4 bases you will gain 10 resorces every 3 seconds.

If you have 5 bases (all the bases) you will gain 30 resorces every 1 second.




Eye of the Storm


Requierd Level: 60+

Conflict Races: Drainei and Blood Elfs

Maximum Players: 15

Joining As Group - a raid of 15 people can join the que.


Victory Objective:


Gather resources by captuting towers and the flag at one of the towers you control. The fist team that gathers 2000 resources wins.


There are 4 bases in Eye of the Storm that are under no ones control at the begining and whit a flag situatead in the middle of the map.


*Mage Tower - aka MT ( right side from where Alliance stars and uper left side from where Horde starts )

*Draine Ruins - aka DR ( left side from where Alliance starts and uper right side from where Horde starts )

*Fel Reaver - aka FR ( uper right side from where Alliance starts and left side from where Horde starts )

*Blood Elf Tower - aka BE ( uper left side from where Alliance starts and right side from where Horde starts)


Towers can be capture by standing on the grounds af the towers ( stealthed or invisible player can not help capture towers ), the more people are there the faster you can capture it. Towers generate resources every 2 seconds, the more towers you have the more resources you gain every tick.


    *  1 tower controlled = 1 point/tick (0.5 points per second)

    * 2 towers controlled = 2 points/tick (1 point per second)

    * 3 towers controlled = 5 points/tick (2.5 points per second)

    * 4 towers controlled = 10 points/tick (5 points per second)


The flag spawns in the middle of the battle ground and to capture it you have to pick it up and run it to one of the tower you control. The points received for capturing the flag depends on the number of towers controlled by your faction.


   * Points from flag captures

          * 1 towers controlled = 75 points

          * 2 towers controlled = 85 points

          * 3 towers controlled = 100 points

          * 4 towers controlled = 500 points